Intelligent and Constructive Thought

A good day at the coalface today.  I spent the morning with a colleague conducting student voice interviews with a selection of kids from each classroom.  A valuable tool we are trialing and finding useful in providing some school wide and classroom perspectives.  The afternoon spent with our LPDP facilitator reflecting on our progress in schoolwide literacy development over the last two years.  Anyhow during the day two thoughtful and intelligent opinions on national standards came to my attention. 


The first on is a short 6min peice from Prof John Hattie.


I like his ideas about independent research going alongside the policy to actually see if it is making a difference to teaching and learning, indeed maybe not a bad idea for all 'good policy ideas' that come from Wellington.

His very positive comments about the professional, that can feel a bit beat up on at the moment is good to hear.

The second was an article written by the prolific Kelvin Smythe who has written a response and follow up to last weekends Sunday Star Times article.


The Sunday Star Times article can be found here, and Kelvin's article here.


All worth viewing and reading.

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I like the thinking