I have been informed... sorry consulted

Yesterday was our turn here in the deep south to be consulted on these national standards. What a rushed, surface level experience that turned out to be.

It was the first time I found out or was told that the draft standards were arrived out via working out what a child needed to pass NCEA level 2 and then working back. This was based on the OECD telling us that NCEA level 2 was the minimum needed knowledge level in a modern economy and workforce. Why are we now taking our education policy direction from the OECD? Is education all about preparation for the workforce?

Anyhow, I thought I would assess the meeting based on the MoE purpose as listed on their website.
1 - Professional Development for Teachers and Schools
I found out the MoE have no idea as to what the PD will look like for schools, but feel free to make suggestions in your feedback.

2 - draft changes to the NEGs
Not even mentioned

3 - targeted funding, resourcing and interventions for schools.
there is an extra 36m available for this. However no idea on how it will be spent and what criteria will be used.

4 - overall assessment strategy.
no mention of an overall assessment strategy. It was clear there does not appear to be one.

Therefore based on the draft five point standard, could be below or well below. Hard to say as the criteria is quite subjective.

It's all about people... stupid

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