It's all about people... stupid

To paraphrase Bill Clinton who is quoted as saying during his seoncd campaign,

It's all about the economy stupid

This education thing is the people business, it is my belief that unless we know, understand and believe "It's all about people... stupid". Then we will only meet with limited success. I came across this column from Paul Holmes in the NZ Herald. He acted as MC for their annual awards where the company recognises people who have served them well, over 40 years. They also have an award called "We're Impressed" for outstanding service as recognised by their colleagues. There are some great stories here about great people doing great things. I have pasted my favourite below. Click on the link above to read the whole article.



Joseph works for Air New Zealand at Wellington Airport. Earlier this year, a woman described as an "international flight nurse" left a small fortune's worth of medical equipment in the overhead locker of a 737 when she got off a flight in Auckland - $7000 dollars' worth. The nurse had been working on a difficult case. She was wrung out emotionally and very jet-lagged. Around to baggage tracing in Auckland she went, where they found out the aircraft was now in Wellington.

Enter Joe Reich. Joe, in Wellington, was on the phone to the nurse in Auckland. He could tell she was very distressed. Joseph rushed round and arranged for the equipment to get back to Auckland and to be held overnight for the woman to collect in the morning. But there was a miscommunication. When the aircraft got back to Auckland the equipment was not removed before it took off again for Christchurch, the gear still up there in the overhead locker on its merry tour.

Joe was embarrassed. Without telling anyone, he bought with his own money a ticket to Auckland for the next day, which was supposed to be his day off. In Auckland, he met the aircraft when it arrived from Christchurch and went and retrieved the gear himself. Then he took a taxi into the Viaduct to deliver the valuable goods to the nurse personally. The nurse, by the way, was a Gold Elite member, and had the right to expect very good treatment, but Joseph did not know this until just before he took off from Wellington to handle things in Auckland. To Joe, the woman was simply a passenger in distress and he needed to help her. And he knew also the airline had messed up and he wanted to help redeem it.

Now, the thing about Joe is this. He did it entirely off his own bat. The only way management found out about the service Joseph was giving was because he told the story to a cabin attendant on the way to Auckland. She nominated him for an award.

Here is another thing about Joe. He has a disability in his legs. He walks jerkily, with some difficulty. But there is nothing disabled about Joe's heart.


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