and the mainstream media come to the party?

We are now into the final days of national standards consultation and the mainstream media have finally picked up on some of the issues surrounding this major change in NZ education policy.  Although I am not sure I am entirely comfortable with the angle they seem to be taking.  This being Principals saying they will not pass on assessment information to the Ministry.  All this on the back of a Radio NZ story yesterday morning.

This can be found here

Then this morning we have this on, link.  However there is surprisingly little depth from the fairfax group.

Then the NZ Herald chime in with this.  Much better than the opposition, taking some input from Trevor Mallard who is attempting to position himself as the mediator between the Minister and the sector.  We will watch and see how that pans out.

The Radio NZ interview with Sean Plunket is interesting listening.

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