Guess what, hold your breath... good teachers matter

While catching up on some blogs this evening I came across an entry from David Warlick (coming to NZ for the NZPF conference) in his 2c worth blog. It caught my eye, due to headline about class sizes. Always a way of provoking comment in New Zealand staffroom's, especially when you use John Hattie's name in the same sentence.


It turns out that the Gates Foundation has spent a not inconsiderable amount of money, in the billions, on the idea that creating smaller high schools would increase student achievement. However it now appears that effective teachers actually make the difference. I would have told them this for just a cool million!!

The full article can be found here, The foundations new 'learner in chief' has only been in the role for a short time. However he makes this positive comment about where the foundation will be directing it's education dollars in the future.

One of the things he's learned, he said,is the foundation must take a different direction with its education grants, and the best path is to support good, effective teachers.


Even a third of the dollars would be welcome in NZ.

Well Said

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