never forget a thing

Thanks to a 'pick' from the MacBreak Weekly Podcast a couple of weeks ago I registered for some software called reQuall, pronounced recall.  In short it is a todo list.  However that simple description would be selling it short a little.  A couple of features make it easy and useful to use.


  • you can type a task in like, "ring Joe on Friday" and reqall will workout the date for the next Friday and automatically add it to the appropriate list.
  • It will send reminders to your email address
  • It will send reminders to your mobile phone via text. This actually works in NZ.
  • A feature that at the moment only works in the States but will hopefully work here soon, you can ring a number and add a task.  Imagine that if you are like me and remember the weirdest things that need to be done, but you are never somewhere to record them, you can ring and speak to a machine who will transcribe the task and send to your reqall account.


David Pogue does a much better job of describing it here.


actions speak louder than words