postpone national standards, says heads

This was the headline in the NZ Herald this morning.  I think I need to read that as it sounds like of interest to an educator.  However comments made by those who the Herald asked for comment left me wondering.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education yesterday said it was pleased with the progress of schools in preparing for the new curriculum to be introduced at the start of the next school year.

they are pleased when only 2% of secondary and 7% or primary are ready according to an ERO report published this year. If that is pleasing I would hate to think what disappointing would be.

The MoE Secretary for Education then said

These figures, while very low, are of concern to the ministry and will need more focused support before the end of this year."

What exactly will this 'support' look like

Then Dr Stoop the CEO of ERO states

The chief executive of ERO, Graham Stoop, said the Government monitoring body was also pleased with the results of the report.

How can you be pleased with progress and the report when the figures are only 2% and 7% for the compulsory sector respectively

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