training vs development

With all the debate, discussion and argument surrounding the wisdom or lack of national standards the one positive I will concede is the debate has got me thinking on a deeper level about professional development, assessment  , progress, measuring children's achievement etc.  Along these lines is the somewhat pedantic issue I have with how we talk about professional development.  Teachers have traditionally received, participated in 'professional development'.  The powers that be are offering and encouraging schools to participate in 'training'.  As I said you could call this pedantic, however I believe the language we use is important and in this the words chosen tell a deeper story.

Training as found in the thesaurus, 'teaching of a particular skill, tutoring" or more revealing, "indoctrination and inculcation".  The definition of... the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour

Compare this to...

Development as found in the thesaurus, "evolution, growth, expansion, maturation, expansion and success. The definition of... a specified state of growth or advancement

The question becomes which type of teaching workforce do you want?  One that is developed and therefore by definition expanding, succeeding and advancing or one that is indoctrinated and simply acting like well trained robots?

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