water, water, water...

A touch and go 24 hours here with continual rain since midday Sunday.  It looked for an hour or two overnight like some key rivers might spill.  The photos below are the Otautau Stream this morning on the fall.  Its a bit hard to describe how high this is above normal, however there is some indication in the name Otautau STREAM.


I used the Environment Southland website to monitor the rise and fall of the various levels throughout Southland.  The system worked well and gave accurate and timely information as to which rivers were in flood and where.  It must have fallen down at some point however, I checked at 4am this morning (couldn't sleep) and I told I could expect the next update on 31st December 1899.

The Oreti River at 5.00pm this afternoon on the way home from work.  It was much higher this morning, close to the height of the second 'backup' stop bank.


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