tki gets its new look... finally

The 'one stop shop' for NZ educators, TKI, has finally got its new look at many of its new features that have been long promised.  I say finally as I can remember listening to presentations from important people involved in the TKI makeover back in 2004 and 2005.  Attending numourous ICT conferences and ICTPD cluster days we were told about how with the new TKI we would be able to perosnalise our home page, have a single login to all things education and secure access to great professional web 2.0 tools.  

Credit where credit is due and 10 out of 10 for persistence and determination.  We still need to ask the question why do these things take so long in the education sector?  One can't but wonder if it would have taken so looooong in the commercial world.

I have not had a long play but the mere look and feel is a vast improvement.  Once I have played I will post more thoughts. 

what teachers make... great viewing

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