the whole picture...

Derek has made a good point in his blog when discussing education 'reform' We, the royal we should always be thinking about the systems, interventions and processes in place, ensuring they achieve and continue to achieve there intended goals.

Derek bemoans the lack of big picture thinking in this process,

At times I can’t help but wonder where the ‘big picture’ thinking is – where is the ‘joined-up’ system thinking and analysis, that is reflected in the  local and national level policies.

He then makes reference to a leadeship systems report from the state of Iowa.

Changing only one part of the system while not addressing all of the others that impact the work would be wasted energy.

This got me thinking about a insightful comment from Dr Therese Arseneau on TVNZ's Q & A programme.  This I downloaded and placed on youtube last year.  She makes the point with regards to the national standards debate but it could equally apply to any 'reform' ideas.  There are no silver bullets



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