7 things to stop doing @ work

Jill Collins of 'From Good to Great' fame talks about creating a stop doing list.  He argues that to many times we have and attempt to work towards completing our to do lists.  The other day I came accros this stop doing list for a workplace.  There is at least one here that you can take and action.

1. Being too busy for breaks (you’re better at everything when you’re rested).

2. Replying to email instantly (if they’re really waiting, they’ll call you).

3. Getting caught up in politics (it’s rarely worth it and never fun).

4. Pretending you’re saving lives (if you actually are, no need to pretend).

5. Refusing to give yourself uninterrupted time for work (they don’t need you that much).

6. Complaining about how little money you make (the people you’re complaining to can’t change it).

7. Forgetting to laugh and have fun (this can take work some days but is always worth it).

Bonus round: Stop eating lunch at your desk. You really deserve a walk, conversation with a friend, or a quiet hour away from your desk.


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