10 things educators forget to do... after graduating?

Came across this list yesterday and got me thinking about how relevent it might be in my experience of the NZ context.  I have made some changes, in italics.  Is there something missing or doesn't ring true for you?
  1. Read academic journals.  | Professional reading, does not need to be just academic journals, should be books from other sectors too.
  2. Greet students at the door.  |  Talk to every child in your class/school every day.
  3. Write about their lessons – what went well/badly. | Reflection, reflection, reflection very impt.
  4. Mess about with technology for the sake of it. | Need I say more
  5. Rearrange their classroom regularly. | ??
  6. Phone parents/guardians for positive reasons. | A often under utilised yet powerful tool.
  7. Active learning – role-play, etc. | Done well in NZ schools, always room for doing it better.
  8. Observe good practice elsewhere. | Or even within same school, observe expert practitioners
  9. Maintain a professional development folder. | Plenty of Web 2.0 options for this.
  10. Ask for help and mentoring | absolutely



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