An unlikely interview... very interesting all the same...

Pasi SahlbergI know two posts in a row on Finland and Pasi Sahlberg.  However I happened on Prof John Hattiethis interview between Prof John Hattie and Pasi Sahlberg thanks to a tweet from @kpullar.  John Hattie being the former Auckland University academic credited with advising the government on the introduction of national standards.

Pasi Sahlberg works for the Finnish equivalent of the Ministry of Education, among other things travels the world sharing the experiences of the Finnish education experience, seeking to share some principles that have worked for Finland and see it widely acknowledged as the among the best education systems in the world.

A couple of interesting points

  • Teachers operate in a high trust environment.
  • A healthy child is paramount to educational success
  • Children with special needs are helped, it's expensive, but better the investment as children, than having to spend money in adulthood. 
  • Equity very important.

 Enjoy the video.

Different but the same...

speaking sense...Dr Pasi Sahlberg