PISA...self imposed embargo...

Last week in New Zealand there was a significant media frenzy around the release of the PISA rankings.  I am breaking my self imposed silence on this particular report, not because I think there isn’t some useful information in it, but because I get sick of reading and hearing all the ill informed comment in the media.  So I am providing three links to articles that if you are interested provide some thoughtful and informed reportage on this topic.

The NZ Listener published this article (if you are reading online click here, if you are reading a hard copy goto the principals blog linked off the school website for the link) which provides a good global round up of PISA issues.  Then there is this article from a school principal in Shangai, who topped the PISA table of achievement.  After reading ask yourself, Is this what we want in NZ?  Finally there is this article that while it has an American bias, provides a great deal of balance in a world charged with polecat extremes.

How Not to Talk to your Kids

Prof Andy Hargreaves...uplifting