The insightful Peter Senge speaks...

If you've been in the education game for any length of time then you'll have heard of Peter Senge, maybe not his name, but then certainly his seminal work, 'The Fifth Discipline' . Perhaps the original business book that was widely read by educational leaders.  If you haven't and you're in ed leadership or aspire to ed leadership you should attack it, I use those words deliberately.

Anyhow... I came across this blog post by CM Rubin, called, The Global Search for Education: Bring on the Change.  It simply emphasizes again the way in which Senge's mind works and can so easily make a clear point.  There are many useful points he makes in the article, the one I've chosen to focus on gives me new insight into a comparison I've long made between business and education.  

In business they serve the customer and in education we are also to serve the customer, the child in effect.  I've used this in the past in an attempt to communicate that we are here to serve, i.e. meet their needs.  However Senge reframes this a little and I like it.  He's the direct quote;

This also involves the aim of serving a “customer” but in many ways the customer is a bad metaphor used too casually in education, because the students are both the “receivers” and the co-creators of learning. But mostly, they need to be seen as the co-creators. Learning occurs when learners learn. So this is not simply a matter of professionals (i.e. teachers) producing a particular type of product (students). It is a joint process of exploration and mutual development.
— Peter Senge

I love it... food for thought anyhow.

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