Open...By David Price

A nice little read from David Price.  In many respects this book follows a predictable line.  The world is changing fast, here are some of the ways in which the world is changing and it will impact on our lives and how we educate our kids.  However to leave it there would do David and his writing a disservice.  I think it is an excellent book for educators to pick up and get a sense of why and how things can and should be different for us and the kids.

David has researched his thesis well and has included a wide and vast array of references for the reader to access.

The wisest course of action is to create the right learning environment, culture and context, which brings people together to learn from each one.
— David Price
...whenever there is fear, you will get the wrong figures.
— W.E. Deming

Open  How we'll work, live and learn in the future | By David Price | 2013 | Crux Publishing Ltd

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