The Leadership Challenge in Australia and New Zealand

of all the factors we measure for workplace engagement, leadership is by far the single most important factor” p15
— Kouzes and Posner

This is one of the definitive books on leadership.  Recognised as such around the world as it not simply the opinion of two people who have led an organisation, but have time tested research to back up the 5 principles.  Kouzes and Posner offer 5 principles that they clearly demonstrate will lead to highly effective leadership.  Inspire a Shared Vision, Encourage the Heart, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Model the Way.

There are so many great points in this book for leaders in any organisation and regardless of title.  One of my favourites is under the principle of 'Enabling Others to Act'.  Kouzes and Posner discuss the importance of trust and in the course of this discussion say that high trust environments outperform low trust environments by 286%.  Its nice to have some numbers behind what is often called a soft skill.  It is what they go on to say that many leaders need to heed, trust is ultimately about opening up to others, making yourself vulnerable.

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