Turn the Ship Around! : A True Story of Building Leaders by Breaking the Rules

This book is brilliant.  David Marquet simply shares what he did on a US nuclear submarine.  Given his first command, and that of one of the worst performing submarines in the US Navy he tells us how he went about turning it around.  His 'how' will not be what you'd expect from a someone steeped in military procedure and discipline.  Indeed he took an approach that was the very opposite of command and control, Marquet actually relinquished control, lots of it.  No small risk when the Amercian taxpayer has given you responsibility for a 2 billion dollar warship.

Marquet produces a short, usually less than 2min video each week, called the leadership nudge.  I have found these very useful.  If you are looking for leadership gems that can be used the next day in your place then this is very useful.

turn the ship around | L. David Marguet | 2015|  Penguin Books

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