Thanks for the feedback... the science and art of receiving feedback well.


As I write this I am still working my through the gems found in this book.  The authors tackle this so often misunderstood area of human interaction.  We all know and talk about the importance of feedback in both our personal and professional interactions.  In essence its the vehicle through which we get better or improve.  We have a quite a low level understanding of feedback and how it can work, what it means, which is effective and also knowing how to control and influence ultimately what we can control... ourselves.

From knowing about the type of feedback we are seeking and being explicit in asking for that.  To uncovering our blindspots, in effect the disconnect between our intentions and how our actions are received.  Looking at the labels we apply to data to tell the story as we see it and cultivating an attitude of growth.  The authors cover it all.

The book is not presented in an appealing way.  On first glance it appears quite academic and a dry read.  However once you get past the outward appearances there are some absolute gems contained within.  It is not something that needs to be read from cover to cover.  You can quite easily dip in and out of it.

Thanks for the feedback | Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen | 2014|  Penguin

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