WHEN. The scientific secrets of perfect timing

WHEN. The scientific secrets of perfect timing


Published very recently, Jan 2018, Dan Pink is an author who's writing and effort I value.  He wrote the bestselling, Drive. A engaging and very good animated overview can be found here.  This does an excellent job of taking the research distilling it into clear and understandable messages for the layman, like myself.  As I write this I am halfway through this new Dan Pink offering he has achieved the same outcome. 

A careful, thoughtful and robust interpretation of the science in the area of timing.  This is not a pop psychology book, but one that has been 2 years in the researching and is heavily referenced.  People like me need authors like Dan Pink that are prepared to do the ground work and bring us the insight to consider in our own professional and personal lives.

Already I have several points that I can draw on in my professional work.

WHEN. The scientific secrets of perfect timing | Daniel H. Pink | 2018 |  Box of Crayons Press

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