The Advantage - Why Organisational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business


The Advantage has really inventive chapter titles.  These range from create a cohesive leadership team, create clarity, communicate clarity.  Picking up the book and doing the pre purchase scan, running that internal dialogue that I do before I actually decide to purchase, I'm seriously wondering what silver bullets and insights has Patrick Lencioni had.  On the face of it none,  I mean creating clarity and communicating clarity isn't exactly rocket science. 

There were two things that caused that internal dialogue to say, Yes.

  1. The sub title, "Why Organisational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business". It was the statement placing the soft metrics above the hard metrics in an organisations performance. This aligns with my experience and value set.

  2. My previous experience with Patrick Lencioni (see post from December 4th). From a negative title, The five Dysfunctions of a Team he brought such clarity.

Lencioni does the same thing again with "The Advantage".  To conclude from the chapter headings that there was nothing useful contained within the pages would be doing your leadership a disservice.  His writing continues to communicate with clarity and remove all the noise there can be from creating healthy organisations.  All that knowing his writing is built on his practical experience working directly with organisations and helping them to build and restore health.

Ever known, almost intuitively that you need a highly coherent, cohesive and functioning leadership team if your organisation is to succeed, but never known what to do to cause that to happen?  Lencioni lays out the pathway for you to follow.  However its not steps you must take, its more behaviours your need to cultivate and then describes some activities, actions and strategies you can take to build those behaviours.  Therefore it is less prescription and more principle.  Which of course means it is more likely to be successful, as this acknowledges the human condition.  So as one of my educational hero's, Lester Flockton says, you'll still need to do your own thinking.

Every leader that wishes to build a healthy organisation should read this.  Regardless of the state of your organisations health I think there will be at least one insight or gem you can take and use.

The Advantage - Why Organisational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business | Patrick Lencioni | 2012 |  Jossey-Bass

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