Key Competencies for the future

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This the brand new text from NZCER on the key competencies.  It's timely as it goes right back and recaps the history behind the development of these foundational elements of the NZC.  Bearing in mind the NZC is now 7 years old it is timely we reconnect with the foundation of the NZC.  When read with a mind of developing a new local curriculum and viewing the video by Dr Julia Atkin on the essence of the NZC it renews the emphasis on this aspect.

Thinking when it was drafted as part of the OECD competencies was called 'cross cutting', in an attempt to say that it draped across the other competencies.  Unlike how it ended up in the NZC.  If you like it was 'bigger' than the others and it focussed on reflective thinking.  Have we given this sufficient understanding in the implementation of the NZC?

The foundation of the OECD competencies was the DeSeCo report, (PDF of final report) which this book reminded me introduced us to the concept of the 4 pillars of learning, "learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be".  This represented a fundamental shift in the way curriculum is thought about.  A fundamental shift that was popularised very ably by Sir Ken Robinson etal.  Question; what does this look like in our local curriculum.

There are some great footnotes in the book too, leading me off to a range of information.  My favourites;

Keri Facer on learning futures (15 minute video here)

David Price on our vision for the future of learning. (another post on his article here)


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Publisher: NZCER

Year: 2014

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